Places to Get Married In Kauai // Stunning Locations

As a Kauai wedding videographer, I get to explore the island and discover great spots for weddings. From breathtaking cliffs to magical, tree lined forests, there is no shortage of phenomenal destinations on the island. I put together a visual guide to some of my favorites on a map here. For more tips on choosing Kauai wedding venues, continue below.

Kauai Wedding Location // Shipwrecks Beach

Free Wedding Locations on Kauai

Kauai has many locations for a wedding that are free (plus the small price of a permit - don’t forget to get one!). The downside to the free spots, which are mostly beaches, is that you will give up some of your privacy and you can’t set up chairs on a public beach.

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Ceremony Spot

First, determine your budget, then decide your ideal look. Will your wedding be beachy, country inspired, luxurious, woodsy, or possibly adventurous? Do you plan on having a reception afterwards and do you want it at the same location? Is accessibility an issue - if you have older relatives or friends, is it easy to get to? How many guests do you plan to have? Once you’ve narrowed down locations with these considerations, it’s time to start searching! You can see some of my favorites on a map here. I don’t include many of the hotels because they’re easier to find. You can start calling venues (if they aren’t public) to see pricing, availability and wedding size limits. This is also a wonderful time to enlist the help of a Kauai wedding coordinator if you plan on using one. They’ll be able to help you narrow down your options more quickly.

The Farm at Kukuiula, Poipu and Shipwrecks Beach, Poipu, Kauai.

The Farm at Kukuiula, Poipu and Shipwrecks Beach, Poipu, Kauai.

Planning For Kauai Weather

One thing that can be a big stressor on a wedding in Hawaii is the weather. We have our rainy season in the winter and spring, but there are no guarantees. If you’re worried about rains or storms ruining your day, you might want to choose a venue that has a weather backup plan. This is an important question to ask when talking to venues and also coordinators. I often do weddings with the Grand Hyatt Kauai, and they come to mind first at how well they deal with weather surprises. I once saw them relocate an outdoor wedding reception into their ballroom in less than an hour! If you’re having a smaller wedding at a public spot, make sure to ask your vendors how they handle the weather. Some photographer and videographers (including myself) will not shoot in heavy rain.

Keep in mind that weather apps will most always forecast rain for Kauai but that’s because it will rain in the evening or have a small passing shower somewhere on the island. The weather can change quickly on Kauai and be very different from one part to another - the West and South sides of Kauai tend to be less rainy.