Why hire a videographer?

Did you know: 50% of all brides don’t consider a wedding videographer as a top 10 priority when planning their wedding. However, an astonishing 79% regret not having a videographer after the wedding day.

A wedding video will help you to relive your wedding whenever you want.  Sadly, memories fade, but a video can keep your memories vibrant and the feeling of your wedding day fresh and poignant.  We strive to capture the feel of your wedding and our highlight videos are great to share with friends and family who couldn’t attend your wedding.  While we would never suggest videography as a substitute for photography, photos fall short in helping you remember the sounds, jokes, toasts, vows, dances of your wedding.

Of course you can have a family member video for you, but often the video will be low in quality and could possibly miss crucial parts of your celebration.  Our job is to let your family sit back and enjoy your day and let you relax because you know we will capture the details of your wedding with style and skill.

What is a cinematic video?

A cinematic video is a style of edit that will make you feel like you’re watching a short movie. All of our sample videos are cinematic edits. It is created in a way to show the best parts of the day with the most emotion. Often times we will include audio snippets of your day to even better tell your story.

Can I choose my music?

We will take your music preferences, however we choose the music for the final video. All music must be properly licensed for use so you can freely share it with friends and family. Our editors also know what music will work best to capture the emotion of your wedding day on Kauai.


How do I make sure all the events of the wedding are captured?

The more information you give us about your wedding, the better we can capture it.  We are always keeping our eyes open for great moments to put into your wedding video, but if there are specific events or people, please let us know!  Maybe you have tucked away your grandmother’s handkerchief as your something old, perhaps there’s a surprise firedance by the groom, or you are exchanging gifts and notes before the wedding, we want to capture it!  We want you to have the best wedding video possible!


Why do you use two cameras during the wedding ceremony?

Our wedding videography style is cinematic and documentary combined.  What this basically means is we are telling the story of your wedding.  To tell the fullest story, we need to capture all of the little details – the grooms expression as he first sees the bride, the father of the bride tearing up, the flower girl stopping halfway down the aisle to waive at her parents…these can’t be captured with just one camera!  The more cameras we use, the more we can capture of your special day.


When should I expect my finished video?

We aim to get you your wedding video as quickly as possible while maintaining our high quality of work.  Generally, you can expect a link to your highlight video to be emailed to you about 10 weeks after your wedding.   We will send you your finished DVD which includes your highlights and ceremony and any other add-ons you may have chosen nine to ten weeks after your wedding, depending on our workload.   If you want your highlights faster, a same day edit might be an option to consider.  You can see it the night of the wedding!  We also offer rush fees  for  a one week or two week turn around.


What happens if you are sick or unable to make our wedding?

I do my best to make every single wedding, but … it’s always good to plan for the worst.  I have assistants that are capable of filling in and also work closely with another kauai wedding videography company who can also fill in in case of an emergency.  We know we have only one chance to help you capture your wedding and we will be there!


Why do prices vary so much depending on vendor?

There are many factors that determine price a vendor may charge for your Kauai wedding video.  The amount of hours spent on location, number of cameras, video style and editing time required for your finished wedding video are just some of them.

Since all of our videos come with a highlight video and two camera ceremony coverage, the price is higher than a simple one camera ceremony edit as there is much more time required in editing.   Once we finish filming your wedding, our work has just begun!  It takes about 15-30 hours to edit your Kauai wedding video depending on the package you choose.   We take our time to make sure everything is perfect!


Do you use bright lights?

We want to insure that we provide you with the highest quality wedding video.  Sometimes that means using lights.  The most common use is during the reception.  Many venues on Kauai are romantically lit (dark).  We will use lights so that your video doesn’t have noise (little spots of color moving around), so everything is crisp and clean.  We understand that you want romantic lighting, so we only use the lights when needed and turn them off when not required.


How do I reserve my date?

Once you’ve decided that we’re the best fit for you, email or call us and we can send you our Kauai wedding videography contract.  Send it in with your 10% deposit, and your date is reserved!  Easy peasy!

Quick side note:  We only film one wedding a day (so we can give you our full attention), and limit our number of clients each month so we have the time to edit and create amazing wedding videos.  Reservations are on a first come basis.