What to do After the First Kiss

This may seem silly, but you’d be surprised at how many couples have a moment of uncertainty about what to do after the first kiss. It might be the excitement of the moment - or if they didn’t have a ceremony rehearsal, but I figured I’d make this video to help. Enjoy!

Don’t feel like watching a video? Below the video is a rundown of my advice.

You’ve been announced as husband and wife (or husband and husband or wife and wife)! Everyone is cheering as you take your first kiss….and then what? What do you do after the first kiss?

Normally the officiant will announce you as married. Take it in and give a little celebration if you want. Next, if you’re the bride and you’ve handed off your bouquet for the ceremony, grab it, then grab your spouses hand and take off down the aisle. You’ll usually walk a bit away from the ceremony for a few seconds to yourself before being congratulated by your wedding party and then family and friends.

My biggest advice: Make sure to take it all in. This is a huge moment in your life - so celebrate, smile and enjoy the moment.

Michelle Rundbaken