What You Need to Know About Wedding Speeches

A huge portion of most receptions are the speeches. The video below has a few of my favorite tips and guidelines for wedding toasts.

Don’t feel like watching the video? I’ve written everything up beneath the video.

Give a guideline of two to five minutes.
— Michelle

Who Traditionally Speaks at a Wedding?

Most weddings have a few speeches. Traditionally, you’ll have a welcome speech by the Father of the Bride (or whoever is hosting the wedding.) Next, you’ll have speeches from the Best Man, Maid/ Matron of honor followed by a quick thank you speech from the couple.

Advice for Wedding Speeches

  1. Remember that this is your wedding and you can design it to reflect you and your style. You can go with tradition or choose who you want to speak.

  2. Give your friends and family a time guideline for toasts. I recommend somewhere in the 3-5 minute range. (I think the sweet spot is somewhere in the 2-3 minute area.)

  3. Schedule the toasts earlier in your reception timeline. I see a lot of friends and family who are a little nervous about their speech. Scheduling it earlier lets them get it out of the way and have more time to not worry and enjoy your celebration (and drink.).

  4. Make sure to ask your friends and family if they’ll make a speech. Don’t assume they know they’ll have to make one. If they don’t feel comfortable, let them off the hook and find someone else who will enjoy talking in front of a crowd.

  5. Remind your friends and family that this is not a roast. (I know this sounds bizarre to even mention but it happens.)

  6. Most speeches will be given at the rehearsal or welcome dinner. Weddings tend not to have as many speeches so you have more time for partying. (Shameless plug here: We offer a rehearsal dinner add on if you’d like to have this part captured.)

Michelle Rundbaken