Choosing Your Wedding Video Package

We offer a range of wedding video services - from partial day to multi day coverage. Below are some tips for determining what type of package you need.

  1.  What do you Want Covered?

    Think about what is important to you to have captured on video. Is the full day of prep and celebrations, just the ceremony or multi-day coverage?

  2. What is Your Timeline?

    When you book your wedding with me, it is the only event I have on my calendar for the day. I do this because timelines are often not finalized until much after I am booked. Once you have your final timeline, look at it and see what would be a natural flow for video coverage. If you’re getting hair and makeup done and want that captured, you might have me start at the last hour or two of that and continue into the day. You might also want to consider how you space the events of your reception. Do you need a videographer there until the very end or can you front load the program?

  3. What do you want as your final product?

    Different time coverages come with different length highlights. This might help you in determining coverage. One of our most popular package is the multi day coverage option which includes documentary footage of the ceremony and reception as well as a 15 minute extended highlight and a next day mini highlight.

  4. Do you need a second shooter?

    Most packages come with one videographer. While this is perfect for most weddings, adding an extra shooter gives you a chance to show more of your day. If you’re having a church wedding, we highly encourage you to consider a second videographer as it is harder to maneuver in a church. Many couples like having a second shooter during the prep portion because it allows the videographer to stay with both sides of the wedding to capture more of prep. A second shooter is also wonderful for capturing cocktail hours while the primary videographer is with the two of you getting couples footage.