Legacy Events Kauai // Kauai Wedding Coordinator Feature

Interview with Marie, founder of Legacy Events Kauai.

Marie holds a very special place in my heart because she is the first coordinator that took a chance on me after seeing my work. She has grown her business into one of the top wedding coordinator services on Kauai and is always a pleasure to work with. I love that she is always on time, always dependable and consistently produces stunning weddings without seeming to break a sweat (even though it’s a tough job). If you hire Legacy Events, you get a well oiled machine so you can relax on your wedding. Enjoy reading more about Legacy Events, Kauai.

A stunning wedding crafted by Legacy Events Kauai. There were a lot of moving parts in this wedding from transporting guests to the magical ceremony venue and then to the reception as well as all the decor and vendors.

Let’s have fun. The wedding is the whole journey from planning through your last dance of the night and all of it should be great.
— Marie of Legacy Events Kauai

Legacy Events assembled the perfect tropical wedding on the south side of Kauai at Plantation Gardens Restaurant.

When was Legacy Events Founded and what services do you offer?

2008 - Full Service Wedding & Event Planning & Coordinating

Favorite Food:

Thai Food!


Surfing, Camping, Hiking, Traveling


Dog named Chepe that was given to me at a garage sale (@brochepe for all your animal insta lovers). Cat named Hank who's Humane Society description said "overweight and depressed." He's still overweight but not depressed anymore. Then there's Ginger the cat who came over to date Hank and won't leave and inadvertently forced me into a "Cat Lady" position. I know the neighbors are thinking that.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

Horse Jockey. Not kidding.

What do you believe is the biggest asset you bring to the job?

In addition to years of experience, I'm from Kauai so I have a vast network of people resources.

What do you love about planning weddings?

That moment at the end of the night when my clients come up to me and give me a big hug and tell me how amazing it was.

One of your favorite experiences as a coordinator: 

Watching the groom's face when the bride surprised him coming in on the front of a 1840's steam engine at Kilohana Plantation. He was floored. Everyone was cheering. She rode in on the front of the engine. Complete Titanic moment. It was awesome. 

A tip for a couple planning a Kauai Wedding: 

Save yourself the headache and get a good planner.